ABOUT – Newance Staff`

Raphael G. Nartey is currently a senior at Rutgers University Studying Journalism and Media Studies with a minor in Social Justice. The Senior at Rutgers University-Newark also a member of the Honors Learning Living Community, an organizational honors college that transforms students into change agents, represented by the city of Newark. Nartey has an objective of pursing a MFA. The enjoyment of traveling through art classes sparked idea‘s of utilizing art but also, the MFA gives me the chance to create great projects with an technology side. Currently dwindling down on which specific career path to take it will surely be one that benefits social good and helps me travel the world. I enjoy learning, and I could soak up all the intellect that’ll help me grow!

Delon Prince is a Guyana-born first generational Rutgers Newark student who is a junior majoring in Journalism and Media with a minor in social justice. Sports and entertainment have been his number one passion since the day he discovered television. It started with playing sports like basketball and football then transformed into him making content on YouTube about entertainment. Aside from sports and entertainment Delon has become a great public speaker by engaging in different leadership roles. His dreams are bright as he has many things, he wants to do but when he put his mind to it, he gets it done. Whether it be on a TV show or he wants to use that platform and give it his absolute best.

Aleisha Dudley, is currently a senior at Rutgers University-Newark, majoring in Journalism, with a minor in Video Production, the Newark native has always had a desire for storytelling. The creative has recently discovered a passion for 35mm film photography. Editorial and street photography are also a few of her favorites. When graduating from Rutgers, she plans to further her studies as a photojournalist. 

Myrna Bonin is a non-traditional student in her senior year majoring in Journalism and Media Studies with a second concentration in Political Science. She discovered her passion to promote STEAM education while raising her son and will incorporate this into her NewAnce stories. Pursuing an education in legal philosophy is the next step in her life journey.    

Chelsee Miranda is a student at Rutgers University in Newark, majoring in Journalism and Media Studies with a minor in Video Production. Chelsee is a creative who has a passion for street photography and documentary. She strives to capture the moments that matter while working with different mediums. She hopes to pursue a career in photojournalism for a major magazine and eventually host her own show in a gallery.

Esther Paul is a senior at Rutgers University, majoring in Journalism and Media studies with a minor in Video Production. At 16 years old she emigrated to the United States from Guyana. She’s always had a passion for reading and telling stories which is why she chose a career in Journalism. She has an even greater passion for helping young girls discover their purpose, to walk confidently in who God made them to be, and to learn from her mistakes. She hopes by being transparent with her story others will connect and be inspired. She aspires to work for a magazine doing feature writing as well as photography. In her free time she reads, makes encouraging videos, and takes photos and writes for the campus newspaper-The Observer.

Khyri Stewart is currently a senior at Rutgers University-Newark where he is majoring in Journalism and minoring in sociology. After he obtains his Bachelor’s degree, he plans to pursue a career in sports journalism where he can showcase his passion for writing and versatility within the sports universe. Through his college experience, he’s acquired the proper
tools and knowledge to feel confident enough to set himself apart from everyone else. He is prepared to manifest his own destiny and make his mark on the world.

Nina Gonzalez is a junior at Rutgers University in Newark majoring in Journalism and minoring in Video Production. She found that she loves the process of making and editing videos. She loves to talk to people and learn their stories. She hopes to be able to use video journalism to help people find their voices and share their stories. She hopes to make an impact on future generations and inspire them to take the time to step into others shoes sometimes because we can all use different perspectives.

Erika Mendez is a junior studying journalism at Rutgers Newark. Writing is her passion, it’s her therapy, it’s what she loves doing. It doesn’t feel like a job or an obligation. She enjoys telling stories and sharing knowledge in that way. Erika currently writes articles for the campus newspaper, The Observer. There isn’t one specific way she imagines her career going. She would like to experience the vigor of a newsroom but also travel to different destinations as a travel writer. Her goals and aspirations as a journalist are endless.

Marwa Abdelgowad is a senior at Rutgers University in Newark majoring in Journalism and Media Studies with a minor in Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies. She was born in Jersey City, NJ, and raised in Egypt. She moved back to the United States in 2016 to pursue her dream of being a journalist. Her first language is Arabic, and her second language is English. Her passion has always been writing. She started writing when she was twelve years old. Writing is what makes her feel alive. She is interested in writing about her personal experiences and the news in the Middle East. Marwa loves reading and gaining new knowledge. She is empathetic, dedicated, and hardworking. She aspires to write and publish a book.

Solcyre (Sol) Burga is a junior double majoring in Political Science and Journalism, with a minor in the Honors College. Her identity has been shaped by her immigrant background, making her particularly interested in politics. Sol has a passion for learning about different cultures, and seeks to gain a better understanding of the world. She feels she can best express herself as a writer, and would love to do research in the political science field, or work as an investigative journalist. She sees journalism as a way to not only connect with others, but also seeks to bring a little more empathy into today’s society. In her spare time, she enjoys watching foreign films and spending time with her dogs. 

Austin Blum is a senior at Rutgers University-Newark. He majors in journalism and minors in public health. Austin has experience in the journalism field, writing for the sports blog FanSided. His career goal is to eventually become the beat writer for a professional sports team. He has a passion for sports and a passion for writing, which led him on this career path. He aspired to further his career in baseball, but chronic knee issues prevented that and is the reason he wants to continue by having his career in sports.

Jeremy Nifras is a senior at Rutgers University-Newark, majoring in journalism with a minor in history. Aside from being involved in Rutgers’ journalism department, he served as Copy Editor for The Torch at Bergen Community College, and worked as a production intern at MSNBC and Fox News. He also began writing as a contributor to indie music blog BrooklynVegan in 2014. He hopes to someday write for a major magazine like The New Yorker or The Atlantic.

Hannah Minnick is a Junior at Rutgers University in Newark, as a Journalism major and Political Science minor. Originally from Red Bank, Hannah grew up in Howell and currently lives in Spring Lake, NJ. Along with her passion for writing, Hannah is an avid reader with a love for classic literature. Upon receiving her undergraduate degree from Rutgers, Hannah’s goal is to earn her master’s degree in Magazine and Digital Storytelling. Hannah aspires to write for The New Yorker, focusing specifically on profile writing.

Veronica Andrade is a senior at Rutgers University in Newark. She majors in Journalism and Media Studies, and minors in International Affairs. She likes to write analytical, persuasive and subjective works about history, science, and sports. When she is not writing, she enjoys long walks, learning about new things, and meditating. She writes to be able to make others feel moved by her words, and give hope by crafting stories that make others feel good. She seeks to make even the simplest of stories entertaining to her readers. She aspires to be a journalist or public relations specialist.  

Devin DeStefano is currently a senior at Rutgers University and is pursuing a major in Journalism and Media Studies. He aspires to bring the many different lessons and tools he has learned during college to any company that would be looking for someone that’s passionate about both writing and storytelling.

Avery Mandeville is a senior majoring in Journalism at Rutgers. She has a passion for news reporting that excites, informs and unifies. She is a musician based in Asbury Park who can be found across the state performing with her band Little Hag. Her hobbies include reading, writing, and true crime podcasts/documentaries.

Gabriel De Oliveira is a Brazilian-born Rutgers Newark student who is a senior majoring in Journalism and a minor in International Affairs. Sports has been my number one passion since he was a little kid in 2006. It started with football (soccer) and it transformed into many different things. He loves to watch and study football (soccer), football, basketball, baseball, MMA, and golf. Aside from sports Gabriel has learned to be a public speaker and not fear talking in front of a crowd. He dreams to become a full-time sports analyst and live his life talking about sports. Gabriel would like to be able to present his analysis of sports in a way that everyone always feels that they are learning something new. Whether it be on a TV show, podcast, or article he wants to use that platform and give it his absolute best. In addition to sports, he also wants to talk about his faith in God, his life story to help others, and be a role model like the role models he had growing up that helped him get to this point. To conclude, he is Christian and God is everything to him.

My name is Sarah Fontanges. I am currently in my senior year studying journalism and sociology at Rutgers University-Newark. Upon completion of my undergraduate degree. I want to obtain my master’s in public relations. My goal with my degree is to have a career in the cosmetics and fashion industry. I want to be the voice of color both industries need. With my education, my love of writing, and my strong interpersonal skills. I believe I can be a positive change

Millie Sialer is a senior at Rutgers University in Newark. She majors in Journalism and minors in Video Production. Millie has experience working in the entertainment industry. She began at 19 years old working for Univision Radio in New York City. During the time she lived in New York City, she worked for CBS Radio and interned for both MSNBC and Telemundo 47. She began her career in digital media when she joined the sales team at DNAinfo.com in 2011. After learning the digital world, she moved to a position working for Spanish Broadcasting Systems, La Mega 97.9 and their radio websites nationwide. By 2017, she was  Google Certified with Vivial Media-Google Premier Partner, where she helped many businesses in the New York City metro area with their digital marketing. Returning to Rutgers to define her writing and reporting skills, and her previous work experience, motivated  Millie to launch her own marketing agency,  Hispanic Digital Media – HDM.Digital. She is passionate about helping businesses during COVID-19  in the United States and Central & South America by educating business owners about the importance of digital marketing and content marketing. Fun Fact: Millie’s real name is Jesus and she loves pickles!

Tyrese Henryel is a senior at Rutgers University in Newark majoring in Journalism and Media Studies with a minor in  Social Justice. Along with his academic credentials, he prides himself on his knowledge of sports and wishes to have a career within the sports media. He understands that to get to this point he has to work tirelessly on his writing, speech, and research. The skills he learns are implemented in the platforms he uses to produce content. The platforms include an Instagram profile that is an informative medium for newer sports fans and a podcast with journalism peers and other aspiring sports analysts. In his spare, he likes to watch and study a variety of sports ranging from the NBA to the MMA, read articles that pertain to politics and social justice, and report and write stories for the student newspaper, The Observer

Ruth Dawkins is a senior at Rutgers University in Newark majoring in journalism with a minor in Spanish.  Her obsession with the fitness industry is all consuming and she strives to stay active . Her goal is to one day  have her own television fitness show and use her voice to encourage others  to live healthy, fulfilled lives.

Luiz Reis is a junior at Rutgers University-Newark, majoring in Journalism and Media Studies, while also perusing a minor in Video Production. Originally from Brazil, Luiz grew up in Newark, around an immigrant community. His passion for learning allowed him to develop his linguistic skills throughout his time in school. This same passion allowed for Luiz to learn different languages to go along with his native Portuguese and english, and eventually transformed into a passion for communication. Since his very first year of High School, Luiz was certain that he wanted to pursue a career in the field of communications and at Rutgers-Newark, he found a stellar Journalism and Multimedia to help him achieve his goal. In his years at University, Luiz has continued to develop his skills in Journalism and Media Studies. He aspires to make an impact wherever he is, through his writing and his voice.

Nora Luciano is a senior at Rutgers University in Newark, majoring in Journalism and Media Studies with a minor in Video Production. Nora moved to the United States from Morocco in 2013 for a better education. She is fluent in French and Arabic. Her interests include photography, music, television and film. She enjoys literature, art, traveling and learning about other cultures. She aims to uncover truth by working for more visibility and change for social injustices, while also writing about the arts. She aspires to work for a magazine such as The Rolling Stones, Vice or Paper, or for a television news company or late night show.

Whitney Monique Barthelemy is a senior at Rutgers University. She is a Journalism Major and Business of Fashion Minor. Barthelemy had the opportunity to work as an assistant at New York Fashion Week. She enjoys being a creative director, visionary, and trendsetter. Barthelemy loves designing her own pieces and will be starting her own Clothing line. She looks forward to someday publishing her own magazine company. She knows that one day she will become an Icon and change the world one vision at a time.

Jancis Ferreira is a senior at Rutgers Newark. Her major is Journalism and Media Studies, and her minor is Sociology. She is a New jersey resident who loves to travel the world, meet new people, read, and write. For the past eight years Jancis has worked with an on going number of children in schools, and childcare programs. Currently she is an elementary school paraprofessional, and hopes to continue her journey helping younger students flourish. All while pursuing a news career in the future.

Jhasua Scicchitano is a fifth year senior at Rutgers University-Newark double majoring in Criminal Justice and Journalism. He is the Editor-in-Chief of The Observer, a campus publication. He aspires to be an investigative journalist for a major publication, taking what he learns from his courses and applying them to becoming a better writer. Jhasua loves to write because it is a big part of history. He enjoys the idea of archiving events to create a picture for future generations.

Brya Edwards is a senior at Rutgers University Newark. She majors in Journalism and Media Studies and minors in Marketing. Her passions include all things that surround art, culture, and media. She spends her days writing short stories, food blogging, and painting. Her dream career is to work as a big-time editor at a black-owned magazine like Essence or XXL. Brya aims to help people and tell their stories, as well as her own, through her writing.

Samantha Steen is a senior at Rutgers University Newark. She majors in Journalism and Criminal Justice and has a minor in Anthropology. She is passionate about writing and photography. She loves to learn about people’s lives and write about their stories. She wants to study law and become a criminal prosecutor. She found her passion for law while watching crime tv shows like Criminal Minds. She loves to travel and learn about other cultures. She enjoys reading and loves learning more about new subjects she’s never heard of.

Aamna K Rao is a senior at Rutgers University Newark. She majors in Journalism while minoring in Video Production. She has a passion for photography. She fancies taking pictures during her spare time. She enjoys taking interviews, meeting people, and finding stories. Aamna finds pleasure in travelling and learning about different cultures. Aamna enjoys reading critical essays. Aamna aspires to become an Oscar winning documentary producer like Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy and aims to produce and direct a talk show. Aamna seek to become a better writer for the sake of truth, justice and opinions.

James Ochoa is a student at Rutgers University – Newark majoring in Journalism and minoring in Political Science. As a Filipino-American born in the back of the family car, James’s writing reflects his curiosity and willingness to understand the people, places and things around him. James co-hosts The Chaotic Neutral Podcast on Spotify, which tackles topics within pop culture, video games and other issues affecting young people today. He also enjoys photography, video games, fashion and talking about cars when he is not writing and aspires to work within the ever-growing E-Sports industry.

Taysir Keys is a senior journalism student at Rutgers University. As a creative, his passions include art, music, film, and television, but he’s focused primarily on writing. His journalistic work often involves the arts, along with portrayals of various black experiences, while his creative works are usually satire. He aspires to someday write novels or short story collections.

Reach for the limit and shoot for the stars. Britley Blessitt is a current senior at Rutgers University Newark. She majors in journalism with a minor in legal studies. She aspires to be a broadcaster at ABC or NBC and achieve justice for those in need. With a passion to seek the truth, Britley writes for the Rutgers Observer. During her free time, she loves spending time with family, reading, writing, and gardening. 

Alea Butler is a senior at Rutgers University with a major in Journalism and Media Studies and a double minor in History and Video Production. She is a fitness, travel, and music festival enthusiast. With extensive experience in customer service she realized one of her passions is meeting new people and forming deeper lasting connections. She can usually be found weightlifting at the gym or listening to music somewhere because “a life without music is a life not worth living.” In her free time she enjoys taking photos and short videos and would love to work for National Geographic one day.

Kelly McIntyre is a current junior at Rutgers University-Newark. An aspiring journalist, she hopes to bring people’s stories to light to get a conversation started around issues that aren’t always given a proper platform. She hopes to one day work for companies such as Vice and Buzzfeed. In her free time, she enjoys photography, fashion, as well as writing on her blog. 

Stephanie Alvarado is a first-generation college student majoring in Journalism and minoring in Video Production. She enjoys traveling with her family and learning about new cultures. She has a passion for reading the stories of immigrants and hopes to be able to shed light on inspiring stories. She loves to watch crime documentaries and read investigative journalism. She enjoys
learning of other people’s stories and their upbringings. Stephanie also enjoys doing makeup and filming videos of makeup in her free time.

Nic Yacenko is a senior at Rutgers University. He majors in Journalism and Media Studies while minoring in Criminal Justice. He enjoys meeting people and telling their stories. Yacenko believes that everyone has a story to tell and it is a journalist’s job to tell those stories. He believes there is nothing more satisfying than seeing the look on the subject’s face after the completion of the story. Ultimately, making lifelong connections through writing is something he strives for. Yacenko is pursuing a career in Criminal Justice and wants to learn the stories of those who are impacted by the criminal justice system. Yacenko enjoys writing about movies, television, and music. Popular Culture is something that has interested him for years. He enjoys debating on popular movies and television and voicing his opinion about cinema.

Imani Hayes is a senior at Rutgers University in Newark, majoring in journalism and minoring in African American Studies.  She has a passion for writing and historical pop culture, She hopes to write or report for organizations such as “Bossip” and “TMZ.”  In her free time, she loves to screen write creatively and follow politics, Hayes enjoys working on her own fictional soap opera serial and hopes to eventually publish her own novel loosely based on her life.

Nataly Rosas Martínez is a 20-year-old Paterson native and a current junior at Rutgers University- Newark. Nataly majors in both journalism and Spanish, with a minor in Women’s and Gender Studies. She is an aspiring journalist, book and sports enthusiast, and enjoys traveling. She aspires to become a part of the ever-growing beauty industry and become a writer for beauty websites such as Refinery29 or Vogue.  

Vanessa Reyes is a Journalism and Media Studies major and Latin American Studies minor at Rutgers University-Newark. During her free time, she loves to read, write in her composition notebook, or work on her blog Nessiboo on Wix.com. She aspires to travel through Latin America and report on the current events in each country she visits. She one day hopes to write a book about the media and Latin America, work on a television news channel or talk show, and/or work for a magazine or newspaper.


Toni Carter is a senior at Rutgers University majoring in Public and NonProfit Administration and minoring in Journalism and Media Studies. Toni’s interests include crime and delving into the investigative process of solving a murder. Interning at the Essex County Prosecutor’s Office  and witnessing a variety murder trials has further solidified her desires to become an investigative journalist in the near future.


Isaiah A. Jacobo is an eager young man who is curious about the world around him. He is into collecting sneakers, watching anime, and reading. Jacobo is a Journalism major and Sociology minor at Rutgers-Newark. He loves to watch videos on “Complex Sneaker Shopping” and Vice Documentaries. He knows one day he will do big things and change the world.

Yoo Ra Kim is a senior at Rutgers University and majors in Journalism with a minor in English. She was the Features Editor for The Torch at Bergen Community College. Her interests include: ASMR, poetry, and bowling. She is fluent in Korean and can speak Spanish conversationally. Her post-grad plans involve writing for a New York City news company. Her best-kept secret is that she has some stellar dance moves.

Edwin Duodu is an aspiring sports analyst. He is majoring in Journalism with a minor in Video Production at Rutgers University- Newark. With a strong passion for covering sports, Edwin is a part of a sports podcast at Rutgers, called Sports Daily United. He eventually wants to work for the likes of ESPN, Fox Sports, NBC Sports, while having the ability to analyze and discuss a range of topics. Edwin loves to learn and better himself by seizing every opportunity presented to further enhance his skills and to develop new ones.

Devin Michael is a senior Journalism student at Rutgers Newark with a passion for music and personal narrative writing. He spends his summers working as a production assistant in Los Angeles where he plans to live once he graduates. During the school year, Devin coaches high school wrestling and substitute teacher on occasion. Given his love for music and the arts, Devin plans to pursue a career in talent scouting or management. 

Michael Adubasim is an aspiring Broadcast Journalist. He is a Journalism student at Rutgers-Newark with a minor in Video Productions. He produces a series of Podcasts including one called “Culture Space” which offer a unique perspective on Culture. He eventually wants to produce or host his own talk show on a major network. He loves poetry and spoken word,  and interviewing people so others can learn and be inspired. He seeks to erase the hidden boundaries between different kinds of people through his journalism. 

Zara Ahmed is a senior at Rutgers University and majors in Journalism and Media Studies with a minor in Psychology. With experience in marketing, advertising, social media and working with several non-profit organizations, she hopes to one day work for Ellen Degeneres, Jimmy Fallon or James Corden. The ultimate dream for her is to have her own talk show and make a difference in the media world. She loves to read in her spare time and her favorite book is Ronda Rousey’s autobiography.

Tiffany Tobey is a writer and film enthusiast. She has an interest in screenwriting and the environment. Tobey majors in Journalism and minors in Video Production at Rutgers University in Newark. She enjoys producing and editing content for her family and friends. She spends her free time writing short stories and analyzing cinematography. Tiffany hopes to one day write for TV and film.

Zoya Ali is a Journalism & Media studies major and Psychology minor. She is a stylist and Digital Media Manager at Rouge Boutique, where she found her love for graphic design. With interests in design and photography, Zoya enjoys showcasing the beauty in unsuspecting places. 

Nichole Montanez is a senior at Rutgers University. She is a journalism major and marketing minor. Montanez loves to connect with people through shared stories. She enjoys investigative journalism stories that detail the lives of people in communities whose voices are often left unheard. She aspires to create content that educates and inspires people to think differently about how we view one another.  

The sky’s the limit for this guy. Matthew Barsoum is a senior at Rutgers’ University Newark. As a student in the Journalism and Media Studies program and English Department, Barsoum has a passion for writing and storytelling. Barsoum has written for the university’s publication the Scarlet Magazine and plans to write and report more stories to other future publications. As a sports enthusiast, Barsoum aspires to one day use his writing and researching skills to closely examine sports analytics and to work for ESPN. Besides journalism and sports, Barsoum enjoys comic books and wishes to one day author a graphic novel under Marvel or DC. 

Marlin Campbell is a 23-year-old native of East Orange who is currently a 5-year senior at Rutgers University-Newark, with a concentration in Journalism/Media Studies and a minor in Theater. A graduate of East Orange Campus High School, he was born in Rocky Mount, North Carolina. Marlin came to Rutgers Newark in 2015 through the EOF program as a first-generation college student. He is also a member of the Rutgers TRIO Talent Search East program that helps assists students who need resources to further their education in urban areas. In college, Marlin has broken into the theatre program, with performances in the productions, The Director’s Project as Butch in “Eukiah” and three roles as “Doc,” “Exec,” and “CSI Guy” in the Toxic Avenger musical. Marlin’s goals and aspirations after school is to be a sports broadcaster for ESPN and to become a prominent writer in the journalism field.

Christopher Goodlof is a writer, visual artist and musician. For five years, he recorded and toured extensively in a national touring band, only to return to school to pursue his true passion: writing. Holding firm to a belief that every person and place has an interesting story, Goodlof aims to lend an empathetic ear and report those stories warts and all – after all, real life isn’t always pretty. In addition to writing about people, Goodlof also loves to write opinion pieces as well as report on current events, culture, fashion, and entertainment, drawing on his own experiences and always opening his mind to new ones.

Epiphany Munz is an aspiring photographer and journalist. She enjoys photographing nature in her free time whenever inspiration strikes. Munz is a senior at Rutgers University in Newark and is studying journalism and political science. She is excited to write for Newance Magazine and to further explore culture and the arts in Newark. Her writing interests range from politics to the beauty industry.

Pocharapon “Mos” Neammanee is a writer, cook, fitness enthusiast, and immigrant rights advocate. As RU Dreamer’s Media Coordinator, he works closely with advocacy groups and the student Dreamers in Newark to give a voice for the immigrant community. Mos majors in Journalism and minors in legal studies. He intends to pursue a law degree as well as continue writing on behalf of immigrants while also fighting for their right to remain. In his free time Mos trains in the gym as a powerlifting boxer, he is a brand ambassador for FNX Fit.

Shirley Cruz is a Jersey City native and a journalism student at Rutgers University, with a minor in legal studies. She has a passion for the arts, music, and travel. She aspires to work in broadcast journalism. She is interested in telling people’s stories who often aren’t heard in mainstream media. She has a background in visual merchandising and fashion.

Jasmine Hogans has been a singer/songwriter for over ten years. She sang in the choir of New Hope Baptist Church in Newark, N.J. under the direction of Emily Cissy Houston. She sang background vocals for R&B singer Elle Varner (signed to RCA), Newark’s own Sonyae Elise, and The Voice’s season 2 winner Jermaine Paul. She is a great writer and has gained a love for editing audio, photos, and videos.

Courtney Rone is a photographer, videographer and writer. She is the editor of Instagrammable Newark—Newance’s arts and culture Instagram page. She has an interest in fashion, music, sports, food, travel and learning about cultures unfamiliar to her. Rone majors in Journalism and Media Studies and minors in video production and psychology at Rutgers University in Newark. She hopes to either model or work for a fashion magazine. In her free time, she works as an ambassador for Setting Scoliosis Straight. With Rone’s own scoliosis experience and using her interest in fashion, she hopes to inspire people using her communication skills and journalism training and to give a voice to those who are hesitant to use their own.

Nouran Ibrahem is a writer, traveler, and a music fanatic. She is Newance’s web editor. Nouran loves voicing her opinion and meeting new people. She majors in journalism and is a social media junkie.

Fun fact: she was born in Alexandria, Egypt.

Layla Abdallah is a sports enthusiast who believes in changing the world one article at a time. As the sports editor the campus newspaper at Rutgers University in Newark, she spends her free time reading and writing. She majors in Journalism and Media Studies with a history minor to pursue her lifelong dream of working for National Geographic. Abdallah believes in sharing her talent with the world and continues to shed her beacon of light on major sports topics of the time.

Stephanie Alonso studies journalism and psychology at Rutgers University in Newark. With a background in fashion marketing and as a former entrepreneur/travel enthusiast, Alonso hopes to pursue a career in social media marketing. Currently, she documents her travels on her Instagram page “StephaniaTravels.”


Aspiring journalist Whitney Monique Barthelemy hosts the “TheGurlzR00m” fashion podcast at WRNU. Barthelemy had the opportunity to work as an assistant at New York Fashion Week. She enjoys being a creative director, visionary, and trendsetter. She is a senior at Rutgers University in Newark. In her free time, Barthelemy loves, sewing, blogging and coming up with new concepts for her lookbook. Her favorite fashion journalist is Andre Leon Talley. Barthelemy hopes to, one day, own her fashion line as well as publish her own magazine.


Hilda Dzietror is a multimedia storyteller. Her work has been shown at the Newark Museum and selected works can be viewed on her website at hildadzietror.com. She is studying Journalism and Media Studies and video production at Rutgers University in Newark. 


Kaiima K. Griffith is a photojournalist, spoken-word poet, writer, and musician. In her writing and photography, she focuses on issues regarding race, gender, and sexual orientation. During her undergraduate career at Rutgers University in Newark, Griffith has had the opportunity to work with the university’s LGBTQ and Intercultural Resource Center as the photographer and videographer for several events, including the 2017 Spring Drag Show and the 2018 Northeast LGBT Conference. She is also the former photographer and videographer for the Rutgers-Newark’s radio station, WRNU. Griffith aspires to a career in broadcasting or audio engineering.

Jocelyn Rodriguez has a love for sports and hopes to write and create documentaries for organizations such as “Bleacher Report” and “ESPN.” She is majoring in Journalism and Media studies with a minor in Spanish at Rutgers University in Newark. In her free time, she loves to watch movies, write creatively, and play basketball. Rodriguez runs her own pet sitting business. Her love for animals stems from a childhood surrounded by dogs. Rodriguez enjoys performing her poetry and hopes to publish her poetry book eventually.

Justin McDonald is a writer and sports enthusiast. Recently, he has written sports articles for the website “Doin’ Our Best”. McDonald majors in journalism at Rutgers University in Newark. With his degree, he hopes to pursue a career in sports journalism which will also help him branch into TV and radio for a major network.

Levi Corallo is a writer and poet. His creative and experimental handle on writing offers a contemporary perspective across his poetry and journalism. He is interested in the worlds of pop culture, fashion, gaming, technology, and television.

Brandon Ramdayal is a content creator for JCETV which highlights events in the Jersey City Public Schools District as well as a part-time videographer for BallerTV, a sports broadcasting company specializing in amateur basketball. He is currently studying journalism and video production at Rutgers University in Newark. He is slowly, but surely, finding his way in journalism and enjoys writing about the sports, food, and events in Newark.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is khanFatima-300x204.jpgFatima Khan is a writer and photographer. Her work has been published in Scarlet Magazine and served on its editorial team. The work she produces centers around arts, culture, and entertainment with a focus on diversity. Other subjects of her interest include diaspora communities and gentrification. Currently, Khan is a student journalist at Rutgers University in Newark.

Joseph Taylor is a photographer, writer, and visionary. He has photographed stock photos for Billionaire Boys Club and generates content for “Projects Blog,” a journalistic entity founded by him with the hopes of transforming it into a media outlet. He looks forward to co-hosting a radio show called “Loud and Clear” in order of providing commentary on political issues and popular culture, reviewing books and television shows as well as discussing some of society’s most daunting social phenomenon. He serves as a photo editor, social media strategist, and staff writer for scarlet magazine and staff writer for Newance, a digital online magazine. Taylor uses his stance on various social issues for his photography. Taylor is a third-year journalism student at Rutgers University in Newark and hopes to further his understanding of journalistic writing and production as an intern at VICE media or MSNBC.

Ugonma Okoroafor is a young, savvy journalist finding her way in the world. As Rutgers University’s first student content producer, she paved a way for others to follow. Okoroafor majors in journalism and minors in African-American Studies in hopes of, one day, making a difference for the youth/culture. 

Peter Merly is a writer for the “Pop of the Art” blog, which recognizes art pieces referenced in pop culture. He is currently studying journalism and video production at Rutgers University in Newark. As an aspiring entertainment news writer, he enjoys posting opinion pieces on the latest releases in movies and music on social media. 

Claretta Bellamy is a content producer for the Rutgers Office of Communications in Newark and will be a co-host for the campus news on Connect TV. She has written for NJPAC, Ark Republic, and has created video content for the online website Gift of Our Wounds. After graduation, Bellamy hopes to travel and continue to post work on her personal site clarettabellamy.com. In the future, she plans to write a book about her life, become a motivational speaker, and start a Christian blog. With hopes of becoming an entrepreneur and creating her own non-profit organization, she aspires to start her own business and help underprivileged individuals. Bellamy continues to meet people whose stories are inspiring and worth telling.

Roque Cabrera writes about LGBTQ issues as well as current events and people with interesting
stories to tell. Cabrera has written articles for both his college’s newspaper and on-campus
magazine. One of his greatest accomplishments was writing a column about the dating scene in
the LGBTQ community. He is an aspiring author and he hopes to write for publications such as
The New York Times, The New York Observer, The Village Voice, and The New Yorker. He majors in Journalism and Media Studies at Rutgers University in Newark.

Ramon Tavarez also was known as “TheFoodPornStar,” has gained traction as a foodie on social
media, gaining over 77,000 followers on Instagram. Tavarez is a personality on “Despicably
Optimistic,” a podcast powered by MTR Radio. He is also a formerly published sneaker blogger,
copywriter, brand ambassador, and marketplace coordinator for JimmyJazz.com. He has many
future projects in mind including a novel entitled “A Wise Man Once Said Nothing,” which he began writing in 2016. He is a journalism major at Rutgers University in Newark.

Erik Cancel is the Editor-in-Chief of Scarlet Magazine. He writes about trends in culture and innovative individuals. He is studying journalism and video production at Rutgers University in Newark. Cancel aspires to write for VICE and Rick and Morty”. He enjoys telling untold stories and helping others reach their true potential. 

Akua DeGannes hosts a podcast “Kickin It With Ku,” at WRNU Newark where she interviews young entrepreneurs about their experiences of being millennial business owners.  Outside of this, DeGannes enjoys writing and informing her peers about safe and creative workspaces for those interested in arts and culture. In her leisure time, she likes to self-reflect, making sure that she all around health is up to par, plan social events, and occasionally stir up debates about social consciousness, her favorite philosophies, and latest entertainment interests.

Jeffrey Figlar is a sports enthusiast and co-hosts Chin Up at WRNU a live sports radio show that discusses the top sports stories of the week. Figlar is pursuing a bachelor’s degree in journalism and video production at Rutgers University in Newark. He has filmed events for the Newark International Film Festival and has directed and produced his own short films. After graduation, Figlar hopes to work as a sports journalist for ESPN.

Jocelyn Rodriguez is a senior at Rutgers University in Newark, majoring in journalism and media studies. She has a love for sports and hopes to write and create documentaries for organizations such as “Bleacher Report” and “ESPN”. In her free time, she loves to write creatively and play basketball. Rodriguez enjoys performing her own poetry and hopes to eventually publish her own poetry book.

Newark native Nigee Barnes has a passion to debate pop culture, politics, and music. Barnes dreams to one day produce his own radio show. He is a senior attending Rutgers University in Newark studying Journalism and Media Studies. Barnes is excited to start his career writing about arts and entertainment. 

Kristen Saavedra is studying Journalism and Media Studies at Rutgers University in Newark. She covers the arts in Newark and aspires to be a reporter for E! entertainment. 

Renji Kuriakose is currently studying Journalism and Creative Writing at Rutgers University in Newark. He has written many stories about comic book related media on sites like Comicsverse and Word of the Nerd. He is currently writing critically about the arts in Newark. 

Javon Ross is studying political science and journalism at Rutgers University in Newark. He will graduate in Spring 2019. He covers the arts for Newance Magazine and in his spare time, plays basketball and sketches politically-inspired drawings. In the future, he hopes to work for Wired

Nikasi Doorn is a student at Rutgers University in Newark and writes for Newance Magazine. An aspiring music journalist, he has published several articles for BK Nation, a New York-based publication. He enjoys reading, listening to music, and following up on the exploits of his favorite artists. As an avid researcher and music enthusiast, he hopes to someday be able to interview and write stories about artists such as Kanye West, Jay-Z, Kendrick Lamar, and many more.  

Scott Rogust is a sports writer, editor, and podcast host. He will graduate from Rutgers University with a degree in Journalism in Spring of 2018. He is Senior Editor and New York Giants lead writer for DoubleGSports.com, Sports Editor for The Vector: NJIT’s Independent Student Newspaper, and a contributing writer for 12UP.com. He co-hosts the podcast “Views from the Knowsbleeds,” on Soundcloud, which covers a variety of sports and pop culture topics.

DeJa’nee “DeeJ” loves to read and write urban fiction and let her imagination to run wild. She likes to create a world where she is in charge of what happens. She has a love for fashion, especially men’s wear and dreams of writing editorials and photographing beautiful works of art to share with the world.

Celina Deflorimonte is a junior at Rutgers University in Newark. She writes for the student publication Scarlet Magazine. She is a Journalism & Media Studies major and Psychology minor and enjoys writing about topics such as women’s empowerment, entertainment, and travel. In her free time, she likes to read Urban Fantasy novels and hopes to someday publish a book of her own. She wants to become a magazine editor or write for daytime television.

David Clermont is a writer and editor for Rutgers Newark’s Scarlet Magazine. Clermont writes about politics, entertainment, and community affairs. He also writes for an online publication called The Cube, a gaming blog on Medium.com known for opinionated takes and news on current events in the gaming industry and community. Clermont shows his flexibility in various topics by providing meticulous detail, style, and structure.

Chinedu Onyemaobi is a writer, radio-host, social media coordinator and student. Onyemaobi will graduate with a degree in Journalism in the spring of 2018. As a radio-host for WRNU the Campus Beat, Onyemaobi produced two programs; “Chin Up Sports”, a sports commentary show about sports topics and “Pepper Soup; Sounds From The Motherland,” an entertainment program about west African music and art. Onyemaobi, worked with WBGO 88.3FM, a local radio station in Newark, where he had the opportunity to produce content for on-air programs and report local news. Onyemaobi is the social media coordinator for Rutgers OAS (Organization of African Students). He has a profound passion for fashion; he controls a social media handle for urban streetwear. In his leisure time, Onyemaobi spends time reading biographies, novels, painting and producing Youtube videos. In the future, he plans on creating his own multimedia entertainment company, that will be independently owned.

Emina Lukarcanin is the editor in chief of the Rutgers—Newark Scarlet Magazine, covering Politics, Fashion, and Travel. In the Spring of 2018, Lukarcanin will be graduating with a degree in Journalism and International Affairs. She is also a contributing writer for Galoremag.com’s Beauty section. In her free time, she enjoys reading novels and landscape and portrait photography.

Joshua Kumar is currently studying at Rutgers University Newark and is a journalist and a videographer.  He is also part of the radio station at the Rutgers Newark Campus.  As a multi-instrument DJ, Kumar has mixed for various venues in New Jersey such as the Dillinger room in New Brunswick, New Jersey, and 90.3 the Core radio station at Rutgers New Brunswick. During his time at Rutgers, he hosts a talk and music show called, “The Curry Hour”, for WRNU Campus Beat, the radio station for the Rutgers Newark Campus.  During the spring of 2017, Kumar was the social media coordinator for the Office of Summer and Winter Sessions.  In his spare time, he produces and engineers electronic music for various artists.  Currently, he is in the process of working with partners to create a short film and publish a short story.  Additionally, Kumar strives to create audio and visual content to educate, entertain, and facilitate journalistic content about different artists, public figures, and other persons of interest.

Ken Downey Jr. is a journalist in his final semester at Rutgers University. Downey has published work in several media outlets including TAPinto.net, The Monitor and WBGO 88.3 FM. As a freelance reporter for ‘The Monitor’ located in Trenton, NJ, Downey writes feature stories covering issues throughout the Diocese of Trenton. Downey also covers general news stories throughout the greater New York City area for WBGO in Newark, NJ.

Stephanie Lagunes is a self-taught designer and  recently wrote and designed her book “Giving Up and Learning to Receive.” After working with The Eighth Floor Communications PR agency, attending New York Fashion week and creating content for blogs, such as The Grey Layers, and social media, she began to explore graphic design. Lagunes launched her own blog Sartoriano.com, where she writes about fashion, culture, and art.  

Deja Dalce is senior at Rutgers University-Newark where she is majoring in Journalism and minoring in video Production. She also is a freelance stylist and creative director and showcases her love for fashion and writing talents through her blog; Dalce Deja. After securing her Bachelor’s Degree, she has hopes of working for a fashion magazine and somewhere in the near future starting her own magazine.